20 ‘ku

born to b one

red or black
old home roulette wheels out
over the colour of their prince

royal birth splattered war tweezered in just

sheep above
clouds below
theatre of war

gibbous moon
punches through
a thunderous sky

mums arrive petals tightly bound

tears spill from her mother’s snow globe

no time the present

I Google
a couch for the unconscious

rainbow’s end a roiling sunset

me or

closing the curtains to keep out the dark drug mix-up

hot flush
the housefly’s last act
to paddle in my glow

oven ready chicken in/out

clinging on for stale joy

waking to a galleon my spider has spun me


corn moon shucked from a cob on the turn

twilight home dawn head count

to bin

Helen Buckingham

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