The After Party

the river the mouth makes its own mothership

after Jim Kacian

the sodium streets
sizzle in its rain

vertical slat weather
a lonely cash register
crosses the street

black cow soda
the cherry topped stools
that can spin

diving in and out
of doorways of rain
bandana trilby

a lost cafe
returning with its ghosts
from the war

after Hopper

who plays
the blood red piano
[at] tequila sunrise

after Aoyagi & Parekowhai

Alan Summers

9 thoughts on “The After Party”

  1. Reblogged this on Haikutec’s Weblog and commented:
    Poets are always influenced by other poets, and sometimes we want to acknowledge that in a poem. What better way than to add ‘after …’ as I’ve done here with Fay Aoyagi, and Jim Kacian, as well as the artists Edward Hopper (‘Nighthawks’); and Michael Te Rakato Parekowhai’s He Korero Purakau mo Te Awanui o Te Motu: story of a New Zealand river:

    Alan Summers

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  2. You did it again, Alain!! I’m thrilled about your fantasy and playing with awesome images, emotions, and memories!

    Impossible to select one favorite … every new sequence open another gorgeous door.

    Great work! Congratulations!!


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