Blue Rain Hat

what can we do but string moths together?

in your Armageddon-slippers you say rain’s coming


in the new world bluebottles instead of hope

“you’re nothing like the virus” she said making popcorn


the homeless psychotic acts like a wardrobe

we look under the sofa for the word pitcher


right foot socks in one drawer, left foot socks in another

we buy Mickey Mouse band-aids to heal the lake


while watching Montalbano an olive falls through my I

for now we let the poplars stay outside


in my blue rain hat I fight off boredom with a stick insect

“when you’re through being a swallow you can make coffee”


before hoovering pick up the .s and ,s from the carpet

“don’t talk to the moon, don’t get it started!”


you’re not alone you have the black dog

eggs boiling and you consider adopting a cardboard box


we agree the ashtray has a hidden agenda

next to the remote there’s a remote and another remote


“Microphine”, you say like I don’t know what it means

in a yellow eternity we begin questioning needles as a concept


inflatable clouds take up half the room

the Earth is flat enough to be on TV

Johannes S. H. Bjerg

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