5 from Brian


wistfully wanton willow whispers
warden widows weeping
with warm, winning
whiskey wisps-

wonderful whomping wintergreens
witness watershed windfalls
whence worried warts
wander wagons,

wooden workers
wreak warthog
wan wimps wince,
wallowing whilst within
waxing, waning warfare

Tattle Tale

Tattered threaded tail teeter-tottered
tethered tailored dinner taters thither.
Thinner toddler titters.

Stall Wart

stickball strikeout sulks stoutly,
sick stricken, stealthy stall
strained stocky stalks:
stalwart, still stunk.


sweater weather summer,
sunnyside shunner,
sullen still sizzle simmer,
sudden shudder,
sweater shedder weather.

Bus Stop

runner-wanderer wonders
under thunder stunned earth,
bundles asunder, buster blunt
blunderbuss stopwatch.

Brian J. Alvarado

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