Incontinent Renaissance painter

My head is too full. I’m worried that my brain will break again and a kindly doctor will tell me that it’s not as simple as a knee and that consequently it will take a wee bit longer to heal.

Last night a whole poem came in my sleep. It woke me up. I tried to switch it off but it insisted, it really did insist that I write it down. This is it:

Fra Filipo Lippi pee pee
When does Fra Filipo pee pee?
When Filippo’s feeling sleepy
Then Filippo’s has a pee pee
And, if by chance he’s sad and weepy
Guess what? Lippi does a pee pee

You see what I mean. It’s not Keats. This is what goes on in my head.

And now I have to give it a title….

waiting room –
my storm-tossed

Al Peat

One thought on “Incontinent Renaissance painter”

  1. Hi Michael
    Many thanks for publishing this – greatly appreciated. We’re back in the Lakes – if the weather holds it’s probably our last time in the high fells in 2021. Aiming to climb ‘Haystacks’ – if we get a clear day the views are incredible.
    Hope all is good your end of the wire.
    All best

    Sent from my iPhone


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