Can I help you find something?

hour of darkness –
painting false reason
on our way out

Source: A gembun remixed from pages 71, 81, 93, & 99 of The Graduation by Christopher Pike.

Shloka Shankar

November. Three Sequences.

November 2019 I

not an it a who I teach the apple (Spanish)

as such it doesn’t travel the ocean the ocean

think up sunset to count the trees long

crammed into an old TV November’s ten months and one cloud

done with metaphors like a snake with its wings

a slight correction of darkness unseen to seen by light

November 2019 II

where the ocean comes the ocean goes

leaf then sparrow then leaf tossed by wind

three sisters dead for three springs

healing a tree before war returns

taking the cows away the lake returns

the light in your hand like all light

November 2019 III

dusk from dawn till dusk

at last a dream without fire

into winter feet first and smoking

out of ink fogbirds take over the trees

the ladder a string of woollen knots and kneeling

a tea candle against November’s darkness

Johannes S. H. Bjerg

the soup arrives:
jumps over the wall


restaurant: The west some tea
perhaps Google translate


among the pictographs
as Buddha becomes clear

Roger Watson