Settling Dust in Discrete Spaces

we are as if a library
of cold fingers
where each T1 space
is a neighbour

as are your unsolved problems
when we become invisible

but as if the walls
are Jericho

snow is a tree…
a single bird is lonely
only if it rhymes

Alan Summers

Emptying Time – new pieces by Dave Read

click bait Jesus the phisher of men

her holiday picture the lifespan of iguanas

as if he grew
from the earth
on his jeans

with the window still open I wake to a chill
and tuck myself into your shadow

she nurses a cold that hasn’t got better
the late autumn night stuffed with fog

feeling my lungs
thicken with flem
I hack up
a chunk
of self pity

the coldest day
of the winter so far
we stay

driving my son
to clarinet lessons
the screech
and the squeal
of my brakes

putting away
the last of the groceries
a squirrel
with a cheek full
of seeds

filling the page
with meaningless
I empty the time
from my day

white raven—
a soul breaks away from
the moon


his death
a fountain (pen)
inside my gut


—time of the Judges
frost columns on withered grass

Réka Nyitrai