last order but the cicadas

Eva Limbach


some ‘ku

56 mushrooms on the pizza pie


polka dot reversal on track three


night shadows
crossing the bridge naked

Roberta Beach Jacobson

the senryu of capital

blossoming sunrise
hear the temple bell tolling
as the banks open

now is not the time
to preach fiscal rectitude
strike the hot iron

the sweat of others
is the lifeblood of commerce
perpetual growth

you must have a plan
to win is everything
crush them like beetles

tell children stories
of the impacts of failure
foodbanks are not myths

how small coins glimmer
rattling in a beggar’s cup
give them no quarter

all things have a price
this rule is not for breaking
even pure white snow

this is the new dawn
the bright opportunity
of falling shadows

John Hawkhead

The After Party

the river the mouth makes its own mothership

after Jim Kacian

the sodium streets
sizzle in its rain

vertical slat weather
a lonely cash register
crosses the street

black cow soda
the cherry topped stools
that can spin

diving in and out
of doorways of rain
bandana trilby

a lost cafe
returning with its ghosts
from the war

after Hopper

who plays
the blood red piano
[at] tequila sunrise

after Aoyagi & Parekowhai

Alan Summers