Sōzō-mono (sequence)

common fly reading a book all the plants in line

a commensal of humans the day segues to flora and fauna

we weep in dark places Lavandula angustifolia

an angel’s kiss birthmark a Hollyhock Blacknight sucks in its dusk

the green eye from the side of my nose

bad praxis a yawn an Oculus of caterwauling

blink slowly the Jellicle cat is stealthy as a footpad

the many curves and turns of its grammar ^>(|).(|)<^

night segues to a van of white paint

Alan Summers


gangland shooting
the ghosts queue up
for selfies

ghost dare
last one pays
the ferryman

morgue break-in
the escaping visitors
not completely dead

rictus grin
zombies shoot
the breeze

ransom note
a zombie falls apart
over the news

mortuary visit
some of the guests
acting out

murder spree
the flies keeping up
with the killers

‘Mordre wol out’ aka ‘murder will out’ as in it will be discovered, is an idiom traced back to Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Nun’s Priest’s Tale, part of his 14th century Canterbury Tales. Zombies frequent supermarkets and other places best avoided during the plague or apocalypse.

Alan Summers