Swapped intimacies


I once knew a boy, who after his mother’s death simply slithered into a snail’s abandoned shell.
Many times, during rainy nights, I used to see him crawling into my dreams. After such dreams, my face and pillow are usually covered with a thin layer of him.
Now, despite the dreams having stopped, sometimes, in the middle of the night, I wake up hearing a snail’s foot pulsing in my ear.

Longing for the old days

In another life, I was a heart-shaped hair wreath put away in a psalm-book, while you were reading glasses left on a night stand, next to a glass jar filled with tulips.

Sword lily

A woman dreams about her husband’s infidelities. The dream feels long, very long, almost like her marriage. When she finally wakes up she finds herself in a vase, a glass vase, quarterly filled with water. She realizes she became a sword lily.

Réka Nyitrai

wind chill

the helpful friction
of two stars in dark nights

black and white
thinking of your fingertips
at my breasts

woman power
the sweet-sour soup
served without

urban silence
a cat without teeth
smiles at me

lake ice noises
the one rift
that separate us

winter god
the first breath
without mask

Isabella Kramer

3 ku

lucifer in the goldfish of my veins


mannequin modeling her table legs


a field day for ravens the third eye of god

Lori A Minor

Unknown 6.0126 Past Trope Offence Sector Three – Pending

Roof Gutter Nail Polish

shopping list
some people escape
the crosshairs

Make sure the neon light is placed into the lotus position.

Another galaxy with a sun orbiting body named after a type of soil.

Drinking Water Is No Longer Okay.

zodiacal light
an owl escapes moon
to moon

Alan Summers

A sequence by Samar Ghose

killed turtle
a nymph awakes
to rain

the monolith is
the watch tower
the killer climbs
his head

turtle shell
she walks it to the shallows
of my eyes

fourth raft
and again this time
you let it float away

she straddles
the returned

to the turtle apparitions
all the blue
a face

the dreaming
to son and the fish
is the bottle

riding the break
the journey begins
with the dance

on the beach
turtle to turtle
the carapace closes
on the dreamt